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I believe we go through rough patches in life to be able to share them and inspire others so they can also overcome and achieve.

Going through transition – reflecting & reaching towards the new

The wind blows, chilling my ears and guiding me into a time of transition. These late months of the year usually brings change for many of us; whether it is in relationship, work or as we walk down a new road. My heart often sings for newness and love around this season. What is your heart singing? Does it sing a song of new love? Perhaps it sings acapella; happy to go through the season alone with time to reflect in the past months. While some are excited about change and transition, for others it can be quite daunting…what will the result of this change be? How will you continue and work through it?

As I prepare for the hours of work (outside of my day job) I’ll need to complete for a mentorship I received, I have a sense of direction and can see a positive and successful outcome. Enters the voice of Doubt. He slowly walks into my mind, so quietly that I don’t even notice his arrival and welcome him as a new thought. Like my elementary school enemy, he befriends me by first telling how wonderful this mentorship is and what amazing success will come from it. I lean into this and become excited.

Then just as I feel I’m ready to conquer my to-do list and get things moving fast and strong like a locomotive, Doubt starts to whisper…he starts to release his plan of destruction; he whisper thoughts of defeat. He places images in my mind of me doing everything I can to grow and be the woman I want to be and then tears the image apart. I see myself drifting further away from my dream and see nothing but failure; me left exhausted and like road-kill, left to the side, so destroyed I can barely recognize myself.

It takes a few days for me to actually see that these thoughts and whispers are not of my own. I realize that Doubt achieved what he set in for. He was able to bring me down for a few days. He tangled my thoughts much like a knot of yarn (which I so despise). Taking a few minutes, I remind myself that I was created as a great world changer. That my success isn’t meant for my enjoyment but to help others and so I have no choice but to push through; push through the knots of despair and dishevelment that Doubt so carefully weaved. I have to stand strong against Doubt and not let him tangle your mind and knock down your positive strides.

Your dream was placed in your heart before your creation took place. Your purpose was carefully planned before you even grew to a fetus in your mother’s womb. Little words and thoughts can’t break you down because you were made of armor. Your entire being is that of love and purpose. The strength you possess is unbreakable, unshakable. You were meant for more so it’s time to move. It’s time to continue on your path being aware of Doubt’s clever path of destruction and making him fall flat. He will be the one to fail, not you because you have a purpose; you are strong and you are ready and you are needed.

And so it’s time

The joys of the weekend release through my exhale…a timid excitement enters through my inhale. This week will bring change. For better and for greater. It’s all in my hands and my possession. My life is a gift; my journey is a map of small decisions giving direction to a future…a future will be truly great. Change is coming. Change is now. Yes, and so it’s time.

Great beauty

For the majority of the 26 years of my life I struggled with my self-image which led to low self-esteem. Throughout high school I did everything I could to try to lose weight and be amongst my tiny-bodied friends. I didn’t achieve this goal in a healthy way; I decided to simply stop eating. The negativity brewing in my mind fed me thoughts of disgust towards my weight and a deep sorrow planted its roots within me about never being good enough or pretty enough.

After years of fighting this inner battle I came to learn the amazing creation I am and how perfectly I was created. It truly took me twenty-six years to start to love myself. Just earlier this year I was still struggling with my weight and the woman that stared back at me in the mirror. Over the past few months, I’ve focused on speaking kind words to myself and focusing on self-development so I can improve my thoughts, be a better and kinder woman for myself and then to share this journey with other woman who need to hear it.

Woman was created as the great crescendo at the end of creation. God had created land, animals and man but he still felt something was missing. It was then that He created Woman and entrusted us to be the ezer kenegdo to man. This Hebrew word cannot be translated directly but is similar to helper or help meet. This word is used 21 times in the Old Testament. It’s used twice to describe woman, 3 times to describe military assistance and 16 times to describe God. How remarkable is this! That the word used to describe God in a situation when a lifesaver is needed for Israel is the same word God himself uses to describe woman! This truly shows how God interprets a woman and her power and strength to help in this world; that she is meant for so much more than just being a woman – she is meant to be a lifesaver!

The power of beauty - graphic

If the Great Creator has such a vision for every woman, how is it that we lose track of that vision so often? When I looked in the mirror in the past I saw a young woman that was never skinny enough. The harsh words and things I would tell myself I would never think about saying to anyone else but for some reason I thought it was okay to speak to the woman in the mirror that. I saw a woman full of pain that was deeply rooted in her past and the doubt and fear of beauty that she held within her.

Through changing my thought process and being more aware of my thoughts I have been able to change my perception of myself and actually develop a love for myself. This is something I know many women struggle with – self-love. When I look in the mirror today, I see a woman that cares about her health and lives in partnership with her body. I see a woman that eats well and works out because she knows that is the correct way to develop her body and not abuse it with diets and malnutrition.

Today I see a woman that, through many dark moments in her past, is now strong and has a pure understanding of just how important she is and that she has a purpose. I see how speaking kind words to myself about my body and actions impact me and I make a great effort to always speak positive words and remind myself of my strength and that I’m loved so deeply by those in my life and by God. I see a woman that knows she will always persevere and is never alone. I see myself as an ezer kenegdo; a name and strength so unique that only we women can possess it.

As difficult as it can be, when you look in the mirror, see yourself as the strength that got you to where you are today. Look and see that you are still standing; still surviving and living through each day. Start speaking kind words to yourself and be more aware of your thoughts and how they affect you. You are the crescendo of creation…when the symphony grows in sound; vibration getting louder and everyone then holds their breath awaiting that one last great note; that one last note of beauty so profound…realize that they’re holding their breath for you.

Choosing to have a great day

A smile on her face, she walks through life with joy and constantly allows her heart to sing songs of love and happiness. Others look on, wishing they too could possess whatever is it she has. They wish they could carry such a smile and walk with purpose; with a skip of positivity.
My wonderful readers I’m going to let you in on a secret. Being positive is a choice. I know because it’s a choice I make every day. Most days I wake up feeling wonderful and know my day will be great no matter what adversity I face. I know that I will do my best to carry out this joy until I retire to bed each night. But there are days when I wake up in a “funk.”

I wake up with a heavy heart or even with anxiety. A year ago, on the days I woke with a dim light in my eyes, I would give in to it. I’d move slowly in surrender. I would allow the storm twisting inside to control my day. The worst part is, I’d allow it to pour its dreary rain on those around me. I felt I couldn’t control it and would completely surrender to it. My heart would be sensitive and so I’d find reasons to be sad and most of my day would be filled with tears. It was always hard to get out of this storm because most of it was self-created and self-driven. I was allowing myself to wallow away in my insecurities and allowed negativity to flood my thoughts and seep deep into my brain.

Over the past year, I’ve matured and learned a lot about myself through self-development. What I realized is that I have a choice each day; even on the dreary days when I don’t want to get up or even leave my bed. Those days, the choice may seem harder but it’s simply black or white…do I want to allow myself to retreat into a dark place internally or do I want to remind myself that I can have a good day and it starts in that moment; in that choice. So now, I always choose to have a great day; to know that if I can’t change my mood instantly or change the situation that created my storm I can always be in control of my perspective and choose to make it positive.

So my question to you is: how do you deal with your stormy days? What steps will you take to ensure you do your best to make each day a great one?

On my most difficult mornings I get out of bed, look in the mirror and tell myself something kind. I remind myself of my beauty or how hard I’ve worked to live a healthy lifestyle. I make sure to say something kind to myself because each morning the first person I start my day with is me. I shouldn’t expect others to make my day wonderful for me…no, that responsibility lies right in my own heart.

Listening to my favourite song in the morning sometimes gets me going, or even listening to an inspiring podcast. Going for a run or doing some strength training always helps as well, followed but a hot shower with some lavender or bergamot essential oil. What I’m getting at is that even when you wake up in a funk, you can still choose to have a wonderful day and by making that choice you may even positively impact someone else and change their day around.

In the world I live in now, there is no bad day…just days with some rough edges. The only way to smooth those edges is by choosing to have a positive perspective as soon as your toes touch your bedroom floor at the start of the day.

A day for mom

Everyone was laughing and hugging each other as each family arrived. All of the moms had a glow and the children, now young adults, smiled as well and were excited to be at grandma’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day. The smell of dinner wafted to the door as the aunt’s gathered in the kitchen to put the meal out in the dining room. Though the sun was out, the warmth in that house radiated from the hearts of this family’s love. There were two hearts however that weren’t as warm; two hearts that held a few tears. This day had never been easy and perhaps it had become even harder. The two sisters smiled for their family and shared in the stories and laughter of their family but inside, a small stormy cloud was doing its best to consume them as thoughts of their mom followed them all week and now into the weekend.

This is what Mother’s Day looks and feels like for me and my sister. With our mom’s passing two and a half years ago, certain occasions throughout the year can be difficult, especially one that revolves around a mother. We do, however, love to see how other families spend the day doing special things for their mothers and going out to dine. The realization is that when your mother has passed, it changes you forever; it impacts you in a way that only others in the same boat can understand.

What we have to remember though, is that there are loved ones around us and motherly figures we have, whether in the form of aunts, grandmas, role models, mentors or family friends. Celebrating this day should still be important. It’s a day, not just for moms but for those strong women we have in our life that guide us and encourage us. Celebrate these women on Mother’s Day and let them know how they inspire you. They can never take the place of a mother but they can and have been there for you so let them know. Then take the time you need to celebrate your own mother doing what she liked best or something that would make her smile.


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Celebrate your mom and show her your love.

My sister and I celebrate our mom as best we knew she’d want. We write a card for her, buy her beautiful roses (her name is Rosita but everyone refers to her as Rose) and we also buy a bottle of red wine (her favourite). With wine glasses in hand, we visit her grave. There’s a quaint gazebo near it where we park ourselves for a few hours, sipping wine (being sure to leave lipstick stains on the glass as she always did) and laughing as loud as she did; as if she is there with us. Then, yes, some tears stream down our cheeks but it’s all in love for her and celebrating her unfailing love she always had for us and anyone she knew.
This Mother’s Day, celebrate your mom. Celebrate what she’s passed on to you…her smile, her beauty maybe a bit of her attitude? Smile with your mom if she’s here with you or smile for her if she’s watching from Heaven. Allow those around you to share their warmth and take comfort in their love for you. Make your mom’s day full of love…and smile…for her.

Looking for love

Quietly she sat on the park bench and took out her notebook. It was a beautiful summer day; the slight cool breeze brought the scent of the tulips that were camped out under a nearby tree. She reached into her dress pocket to pull out her phone and realized that she’d left it back at work. She chuckled to herself figuring it didn’t really matter that she didn’t have it since only her mom and best friend would call or text her anyway. 

As great as life is for her right now, she secretly longed for something more; someone more. Her heart would often sing out songs of love and desire for someone to answer to; but no one ever did. She would have loved to have to keep her phone on her so she could read sweet messages from a man that was so into her he needed to express it often. She was looking for love but what she didn’t realize was that she was looking for the love of herself; self-love. 

Women have strong hearts and our heart allows us to give strong love that goes deep, but the one person that gets neglected from this love is our self. There are so many single women looking for a man and yes, even many married women or women in committed relationships that long for more. Our hearts were made to desire but we can get frustrated searching for a love we feel we can never find.

postpic - looking for love2

Looking for love…self love.

It may sound cliché but we can truly only love that someone when we love our self first. I was speaking to a young woman recently and she expressed how nice it would be to have someone in her life; someone to spend time with and love. She then shared that she felt like that man would never come around.

I could see the confusion and sadness in her eyes. I asked her if she felt that she was actually ready for a relationship. If she felt that when she looked within, if there was anything she wanted to change or any way she could develop herself. Her eyebrows furrowed and she sighed and simply replied, “Well, yes.”

As women we do best to be our best but for many of us, when we look within we see what others don’t. Perhaps it’s the fact that we’re not as happy as our smile portrays or maybe it’s that we want to be healthier in how active we are or what we eat because we’re not as comfortable in our skin as we wish to be. We may see these points as what we don’t like about ourselves but really these are the perfect points to start your self-development.

When you can target what it is that’s holding you back from being happier, or from being healthier or whatever your inner goal is, than you can work at developing it and by doing this you are feeding your self love and allowing it to grow.

I’ve created a simple exercise (a few questions) you can complete to help you narrow down where your self-development will start. After you’ve gone through the exercise, I would love to know how this has assisted you in feeding your self love! Please leave me a comment or message.

  1. Make a list of the things in your life that are hindering you from being happy and living each day at your best. (This can simply be point form).
  2. From everything you came up with, choose the one that is most conflicting to your happiness.
  3. Jot down how this burden impacts you.
  4. Decide what you can do to work through this issue so it either impacts you less or how you can eliminate it all together.

Write down how your life can change in every aspect when you can work through this issue and allow yourself the credit of self love. (Now you can work through each thing you wrote down in number one. Take your time and gradually work through them one by one. You can do this in one sitting or over a week so you don’t overwhelm yourself).

Making time for me

She sat there quietly at her desk. Her eyes zoned into the computer and as she reached her fork to her mouth, her quinoa and salmon salad hit her cheek and went scrambling everywhere. She took a deep breath and then cleaned up her little lunchtime mess. Realizing that she couldn’t do both, eat her messy lunch and continue with her important task at hand that only she could accomplish (and had to be done by 1pm), she hastily shoved her lunch into her mouth; a large forkful at a time. Three minutes later, she had her lunch down and she was right back to work.

She reminded herself that she could only stay 45 minutes late at work since she had an evening of picking up the kids, cooking dinner, getting the little ones in bed, spending time with her husband and then sneaking in another hour of work before hitting the pillow. It always seemed that once her day ended, it just started right back again. The phrase, “not enough hours in the day” was the funniest thing to her because she knew it was incredibly true.

She thought for a moment about how nice it would be to just pick up that book she had waiting on her night stand that she started…what was it? Six weeks ago now? It was actually a captivating book but she just didn’t have the time. And she wasn’t sure when she ever would.

As women, we have strong hearts that allow us to give strong love to our loved ones but most often we forget to give a little love to ourselves. With the society we live in today, this can seem normal. There are so many single women working hard to move up in the company they work for and many married women or women in committed relationships doing everything they need to keep their families, friends, husbands/boyfriends and boss happy. But as women we were made for more than this, weren’t we? Yet what we continuously do is put everyone else above ourselves. We allow ourselves to believe that our priorities can be placed aside because the people in our lives are our first priority.

The kids absolutely need to be taken to school and your husband or boyfriend does need that quality time with you every day on their schedule but when do you ever get to really express your needs for yourself and make yourself a priority? Having self-love is incredibly important. It means being comfortable with spending time alone with yourself; enjoying what you love to do when you can make the time to do it. And making the time to do it means making yourself a priority.

How many women can you think of that actually make the time or feel they can’t find the time what with work, the kids, social events, the needs of husbands/boyfriends and trying to fit food and sleep into that schedule as well. Sometimes making time for yourself can leave you feeling guilty because you know that time could be used elsewhere. You could have been more productive because that to-do list with one thousands things ready to be checked off is anxiously waiting for you and lingering in the back of your mind.

We can easily become so involved with providing to our loved ones that we forget that we need to show ourselves some love as well. Yet, when we can’t give ourselves the few minutes we need each day to rejuvenate and reflect we actually end up cheating our loved ones. When we run non-stop from the time we roll out of bed to when we tiredly crawl back in late at night, once we’ve tried to finish everything we need to, we then will absolutely be exhausted the next day meaning that we can’t give our loved ones 100% of ourselves. To be the best we can be for our family and friends, we have to be the best we can be for ourselves first.

postpic - making time for me

Be your best for you so you can be your best for your loved ones.

There are six small acts of kindness you can do for yourself each day to show yourself some love:

  • Decide the best way to spend what little “me” time you may have.

Whether you reach for that book or simply take a hot, well-deserved 15 minute shower, decide how you want to use your “me” time every day. This will help you look forward to it and ensure you take that time instead of just letting it run away from you as the day often can.

  • Figure out what you can eliminate from your day that may actually be a waste of time.

We sometimes get busy doing busy work. Think about how best you can eliminate this work from your daily life. Perhaps you can commit half hour one day to reorganizing the front shoe cabinet instead of spending five minutes each day tidying it up.

  • It’s okay to say no.

We love to help. In fact, it can often seem like our middle name. Sometimes however, saying yes to everyone can become time consuming and use a lot of energy. It’s okay to say no when someone asks too much of you or when you know you really don’t have the time. Try using a phrase like, “I would honestly love to help but this weekend is a very busy one for me. I hope all goes well with it though.”

  • Ask for help.

Now as much as we love to help we can find it hard to accept help. All great managers know how to delegate. Well you are the manager of your life. So it’s okay to delegate and ask someone to help take care of a task for you. In most cases, they would be more than happy you asked.

  • Commit to the time you set aside for yourself.

Setting a time for yourself is the first step to making “me” time but committing to this time is the second step. Do your very best to stick to the time slot you’ve granted to yourself. Remember, being the best you for others, means being the best you to yourself first.

  • Create a routine you can incorporate in the early morning or late evening.

Try to create a routine such as waking up and doing a five minute stretching/yoga session or even adding some soothing essential oils drops to your shower (Lavender would be great to calm yourself before your busy day and Bergamot is wonderful to putting a spring in your step). You can also incorporate your routine at bedtime like having a hot cup of tea and curling up for a 15 minute reading session before turning off the lights. Let your husband/boyfriend or family know that this is your 15 minute “me” time and that you’d appreciate it be respected.

I’d love to know how this exercise worked out for you! Leave a comment below 🙂

A walk in the dark

The air around me began to get thick. I could no longer breathe or find joy. I knew I had to change things; I had to change my environment and my life. Severance package in hand, I walked out of the building smiling knowing that this moment would change my entire being forever. No more doubt. No more negativity. From now on, I call the shots and make everyday a positive one.

That day was a year and a half ago and since then, I was able to set my mind to my heart and chase after my dreams. I’ve achieved a lot in this short year and there’s still a lot more growth to come but I’m ready for it now.

I can admit though, that there was a time when I was scared; a time when I wouldn’t have taken a risk unless I had something else set up. But then life does that to you; it sent me away with a severance package and no plan as to what I’d do next. I had to figure it out quickly and do my best to stay positive.

Change your environment and take that step.

Change your environment and take that step.

There are hurdles we come across on our journey. Like the moon hidden behind clouds, sometimes our path is dark and we have no direction. We wander for some time; we play with ideas in our minds. Our mind tells us to go one way while our hearts tug at something more; that something being what our passion falls to. Perhaps we’ve always been afraid to trust our heart; simply trust our passion and walk in the dark to where we’re hoping the light will one day shine.

But our mind questions: how long will you walk in the dark? How many times will you stumble and fall? How many times do you really think you will get back up; bloody scratches tempting you to stop and whispers in the wind making you doubt yourself?

The answer is purely…how bad do you want it? How much are you willing to put in? How much effort and how much time? Will you make the time or will you make excuses? If you don’t walk in the dark now, then when? And if not ever, then how badly will you regret it later in life and wish you had just taken that one step; that one chance?

I can tell you from experience that the road to your dreams and passion is a rough one. There is doubt and you may not receive support from those closest to you. In the end though, you’ll discover a strength about yourself you never knew existed in you. You’ll be able to dream big and achieve big. But no, it won’t be easy. In fact, sometimes it will be so rough that you’ll want to quit. You may even wish you had never started on this path…but push through. When it concerns your passion in life, always push through. Success is at the end of this dark, gravel road but you’ll never see if you don’t take that one step into the dark.

Your heart’s passion, your dream, is definitely worth it even if others don’t see it. You’re not pursuing this for them, you’re doing it for you…for your happiness; your joy. You’re the one that will have to work for it and you will…because it’s time; time to make that dream a reality.