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Choosing to have a great day

A smile on her face, she walks through life with joy and constantly allows her heart to sing songs of love and happiness. Others look on, wishing they too could possess whatever is it she has. They wish they could carry such a smile and walk with purpose; with a skip of positivity.
My wonderful readers I’m going to let you in on a secret. Being positive is a choice. I know because it’s a choice I make every day. Most days I wake up feeling wonderful and know my day will be great no matter what adversity I face. I know that I will do my best to carry out this joy until I retire to bed each night. But there are days when I wake up in a “funk.”

I wake up with a heavy heart or even with anxiety. A year ago, on the days I woke with a dim light in my eyes, I would give in to it. I’d move slowly in surrender. I would allow the storm twisting inside to control my day. The worst part is, I’d allow it to pour its dreary rain on those around me. I felt I couldn’t control it and would completely surrender to it. My heart would be sensitive and so I’d find reasons to be sad and most of my day would be filled with tears. It was always hard to get out of this storm because most of it was self-created and self-driven. I was allowing myself to wallow away in my insecurities and allowed negativity to flood my thoughts and seep deep into my brain.

Over the past year, I’ve matured and learned a lot about myself through self-development. What I realized is that I have a choice each day; even on the dreary days when I don’t want to get up or even leave my bed. Those days, the choice may seem harder but it’s simply black or white…do I want to allow myself to retreat into a dark place internally or do I want to remind myself that I can have a good day and it starts in that moment; in that choice. So now, I always choose to have a great day; to know that if I can’t change my mood instantly or change the situation that created my storm I can always be in control of my perspective and choose to make it positive.

So my question to you is: how do you deal with your stormy days? What steps will you take to ensure you do your best to make each day a great one?

On my most difficult mornings I get out of bed, look in the mirror and tell myself something kind. I remind myself of my beauty or how hard I’ve worked to live a healthy lifestyle. I make sure to say something kind to myself because each morning the first person I start my day with is me. I shouldn’t expect others to make my day wonderful for me…no, that responsibility lies right in my own heart.

Listening to my favourite song in the morning sometimes gets me going, or even listening to an inspiring podcast. Going for a run or doing some strength training always helps as well, followed but a hot shower with some lavender or bergamot essential oil. What I’m getting at is that even when you wake up in a funk, you can still choose to have a wonderful day and by making that choice you may even positively impact someone else and change their day around.

In the world I live in now, there is no bad day…just days with some rough edges. The only way to smooth those edges is by choosing to have a positive perspective as soon as your toes touch your bedroom floor at the start of the day.

A day for mom

Everyone was laughing and hugging each other as each family arrived. All of the moms had a glow and the children, now young adults, smiled as well and were excited to be at grandma’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day. The smell of dinner wafted to the door as the aunt’s gathered in the kitchen to put the meal out in the dining room. Though the sun was out, the warmth in that house radiated from the hearts of this family’s love. There were two hearts however that weren’t as warm; two hearts that held a few tears. This day had never been easy and perhaps it had become even harder. The two sisters smiled for their family and shared in the stories and laughter of their family but inside, a small stormy cloud was doing its best to consume them as thoughts of their mom followed them all week and now into the weekend.

This is what Mother’s Day looks and feels like for me and my sister. With our mom’s passing two and a half years ago, certain occasions throughout the year can be difficult, especially one that revolves around a mother. We do, however, love to see how other families spend the day doing special things for their mothers and going out to dine. The realization is that when your mother has passed, it changes you forever; it impacts you in a way that only others in the same boat can understand.

What we have to remember though, is that there are loved ones around us and motherly figures we have, whether in the form of aunts, grandmas, role models, mentors or family friends. Celebrating this day should still be important. It’s a day, not just for moms but for those strong women we have in our life that guide us and encourage us. Celebrate these women on Mother’s Day and let them know how they inspire you. They can never take the place of a mother but they can and have been there for you so let them know. Then take the time you need to celebrate your own mother doing what she liked best or something that would make her smile.


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Celebrate your mom and show her your love.

My sister and I celebrate our mom as best we knew she’d want. We write a card for her, buy her beautiful roses (her name is Rosita but everyone refers to her as Rose) and we also buy a bottle of red wine (her favourite). With wine glasses in hand, we visit her grave. There’s a quaint gazebo near it where we park ourselves for a few hours, sipping wine (being sure to leave lipstick stains on the glass as she always did) and laughing as loud as she did; as if she is there with us. Then, yes, some tears stream down our cheeks but it’s all in love for her and celebrating her unfailing love she always had for us and anyone she knew.
This Mother’s Day, celebrate your mom. Celebrate what she’s passed on to you…her smile, her beauty maybe a bit of her attitude? Smile with your mom if she’s here with you or smile for her if she’s watching from Heaven. Allow those around you to share their warmth and take comfort in their love for you. Make your mom’s day full of love…and smile…for her.