About this blog – motivational blog for women

We all have a story that’s worth sharing. Someone may be going through what you already have and needs to hear your story to know that they too can overcome. Maybe that someone is you and you need to know that some else has journeyed through the adversity you’re facing. I believe we go through rough times in life to share it with others; share what the dark times felt like and how we came out to find the sun again.

As women, we share stories; we share emotions; we share love. What I’m offering is to share my story along with the inspiration that allowed me to endure my adversity and come out a stronger woman. A woman of unbreakable faith, living in love, with a free and pure heart.
I want to allow you into my heart and show you that you can overcome your dark and stormy and be the woman you see in your mind; the woman the younger you wished to be.

No struggle is too difficult. I know this seems easier said, but it’s true. I know firsthand how hard it can be; how lonely and even how at times taking the easy way out proves a better option but with great sacrifice. You don’t need to sacrifice your health, dreams, faith or individuality to live a happy life.

This blog will give you the inspiration you may be looking for to see that you can live a happy and healthy life in any circumstance and still stay true to your authentic self.

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