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Health and nutrition is a huge part of living the inspired heart lifestyle. It means being aware of how your body reacts to certain foods, products and even making sure you’re getting enough rest. Once I started to live in partnership with my body I found my whole life was actually easier to manage since I now have the energy and mindset that allows me to accomplish everything I need to during the day and with little stress.

To help you out, below you’ll find easy and health boosting recipes, tips and information on living a healthy lifestyle and living in partnership with your body.


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I had always dreamed of being a runner and here I am now training for a half marathon that I signed up to run in October. Yes, I may be a little crazy since I never ran even a 10k but I know that I’m capable of running it and I’m determined.  I did my research on healthy foods for runners and developed my own cereal that will provide energy, assist with muscle repair and function and keep my body moving (especially when I feel like I want to give up).

Delicious ingredients needed:

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4 Gluten-free, low fat, organic whole grain cereal

1/2 cup Organic walnuts (or any nuts you like, perhaps almonds)

1 cup Organic Kasha (roasted buckwheat kernels)

3/4 cup Organic hemp hearts

1/2 cup Organic chia seeds

1 cup Organic goji berries

You’ll notice that all the ingredients are organic. You can choose to buy non-organic; it’s up to you!

Measure and add the chia seeds, hemp hearts, cereal, nuts and kasha to a large bowl. Mix these ingredients well as you’ll find that the smaller ingredients will shuffle to the bottom of the bowl.

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Roughly chop the goji berries and add them into the bowl. Mix well again.

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Pour your cereal into an air-tight container.

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When getting ready to serve yourself a bowl of this dynamic cereal, make sure to turn your container horizontally and give it a few shakes. I also keep the container on its side as I pour to make sure I get a great ratio of each health-boosting ingredient.

Enjoy your cereal knowing that it’s giving you everything you need to combat the day and support your body!


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