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Ashley Yankana

My journey of self-development started long before I knew. My childhood wasn’t an ordinary one. My sister and I went through our parent’s divorce at a very young age and were bounced back and forth during a custody battle. This finally ended with our father receiving full custody of us. As the years went by, my father did his very best at raising two young ladies although we didn’t make it very easy for him. We worked our way through college and I landed a great job at a very successful corporation immediately after graduation.

After putting in four and a half long and stressful years at this job, I found myself being handed a severance package in 2012. I had enjoyed the work I did in the communications department since I’ve always held a passion for writing but wasn’t sure where I’d find myself next. No one is really prepared for the next step when the decision to make that next step isn’t even yours.

I decided that it was time to do what I love and to work for my favourite person: me. In 2013, I started my own business of hand-crafting women’s accessories. I had always been creative and loved sharing my creations with customers that truly appreciated them. I spent the next year and a half attending over 20 events as a vendor and getting my brand out there. With my business steady online, I knew it was time to get a job that would provide a constant cash flow while still managing my business until it can provide full time for me.

I’m currently a personal health coach at a weight loss centre and love working with my clients to inspire, motivate and encourage them through their weight loss journey. I have always had a love to help people and know that I was created to do so. My heart is huge and worn proudly on my sleeve. This is something I struggled with growing up but I have embraced it and it has allowed me to have immense compassion for every person and to genuinely see them for who they are and more importantly the potential of who they can become.

This realization of living my life out in love led to this blog. My hopes for The Inspired Heart is to encourage and equip women with the inspiration they need to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams. This blog is built on a foundation of integrity and honesty and by sharing stories of actual women who have overcome through their journey, I hope those who are struggling can see that there is a light and way out that will lead to excellence as long as we allow it for ourselves.

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